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This website is designed to give something back to the visuallly impaired community out there. All the software on this site is accessible both by sight and by sound.

This website can be viewed in a number of styles: Currently in high contrast, it can be changed back to normal view, or large font. Most browsers support changing styles, for example, in Internet Explorer go to the view menu, and choose styles. (HotKey altV then Y)

It's a work in progress. Currently there are 5 free accessible games and 5 free accessible utilities, with several more in development. My personal favourite is my model of the solar system. The most popular download is a space invader style game, playable by sight or by audio, with retro graphics and stereo sound panning. The latest addition is an accessible, easy to use, password manager, a big improvement on my scrambler program, which could only handle one item at a time.

To check out the games, visit:

Rocky's Games Page

To check out the accessible software, and to see what else is in development, visit:

Rocky's V.I.-Friendly Software Page

Message Board

After a 6 month summer break, I am back coding up accessible software. New out is a menu password manager. Spacey Vaders has now passed 1000 downloads, benefitting from the popular features of 30 waves of aliens, more ship sounds, special bonuses and attacks, along with an on line scoreboard.

To view the on line spacey Vaders scoreboard please visit:

Spacey Vaders Top 50 High Scores

Licensing and the legal bit

All of the programs on this website are freeware and are the intellectuaal property of Martin Blythe, aka Rocky Waters. No alteration, claim of ownership or sale is permitted. You are allowed one copy free, for personal use, without warrantee, without liability. If you represent a commercial or not for profit organisation and wish to redistribute this software, please email me.

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Any suggestions or feedback welcome. My email, suitably disguised to avoid those bots, is:

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