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This website is designed to give something back to the visuallly impaired community out there. All the software on this site is accessible both by sight and by sound.

I am hoping my software and games make a contribution to showing its possible to produce simple, quality and useful programs that are accessible, easy to use and free.

It's a work in progress. There are now 6 free accessible games and 7 free accessible utilities, with more in the pipeline.

Dragon Village, is by far my biggest and best game to date. I have no doubt, with its game content and audio quality, this will become my most popular download. However, I am hoping my typing tutor proves to be the most valuable resource for folks with a sight impairment.

This website can be viewed in a number of styles: Currently in high contrast, it can be changed back to normal view, or large font. For example, in Internet Explorer go to the view menu, and choose styles.

To check out the games, visit:

Rocky's Games Page

To check out the accessible software, visit:

Rocky's V.I.-Friendly Software Page

Message Board

The accessible diary now includes calendars for both 2019 and 2020.
My biggest game to date, Dragon Village, continues to be popular one year after its release in October 2018.
My audio typing tutor, being free and accessible, is possibly the first of its kind. Given how important keyboard skills are for people with sight loss, please post up a link for me on any forum you feel is appropriate.
I would most welcome any suggestions of other accessible utilities that you would find useful, or accessible games you would enjoy.

Projects currently in development

I currently have 4 candidates for my next project. One of these will be chosen for development. If only I had twice the time and programs took half as long as expected, rather than the other way round.

Licensing and the legal bit

All of the programs on this website are freeware and are the intellectuaal property of Martin Blythe, aka Rocky Waters. No alteration, claim of ownership or sale is permitted. You are allowed one copy free, for personal use, without warrantee, without liability. Please download and enjoy.

If you represent a commercial or not for profit organisation and wish to use this software in a professional capacity, or to redistribute my software, please download and read the license agreement below, or email me.

Download the End User License Agreement

Contact Details

Any suggestions or feedback welcome. My email, suitably disguised to avoid those bots, is:

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Or simply:
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Consider a donation

These programs are all free to individuals, but they are not free to produce. They also take a considerable amount of time. If you have enjoyed my software, and your circumstances allow you, please consider supporting my work, by clicking the PayPal button below. Every contribution helps to motivate me to produce more free and accessible programs.

Whether you are sighted or blind, if your circumstances do not allow you to make a contribution, simply let other folks know about the resources here. The best contribution going, would be to help a friend or relative enter the world of computers by showing them my freeaudio typing tutor.

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