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All these games are written in Python and compiled for windows. The larger games, with sounds and visuals come with a self installer. This is a simple and lightweight installer with absolutely no addware or unwanted toolbars. Simply download and run.

The smaller games come as a one file executable. After downloading, you can place these in a folder of your choice. Perhaps create a folder called Rocky Waters in your documents folder. You can run the program from there, or if you want, you can set up a shortcut to run the file.

Rockys Spacey Vaders Version 2

This is a take on the classic space invaders game. The all new version 2 has had a huge upgrade. the game now includes 30 waves of aliens, a variety of ship sounds, mother ships, accuracy bonuses, and special attacks. Special attacks include missiles, electric strikes, rapid fire and force fields. With retro low vision graphics and stereo audio, this game can be played by sight or by sound. The game has screen reader support, a choice of background music, a local scoreboard plus an on line scoreboard. The sound panning and aiming has been much improved since version1. I am hoping you find this game a real blast. It comes as a self installer and has full instructions.

Download Rockys Spacey Vaders V2

Number of downloads: 1846

Rocky's 3D Bead Brains Game

This board game can be described as a 3D version of connect 4. The aim of the game is to complete a line of 4 beads. Sounds simple but quickly becomes a challenge. The game has both SAPI and screen reader support There is background music and some simple sound effects. The game has adjustable low vision graphics and can be played by sight or by sound. The game is for 1 person against the computer or for 2 people. There is computer assistance to help a younger player and several helpful keys to help audio navigation of the board. A help file can be launched during the game at any time. It comes with a self installer and instals to the same place as the popular Spacey Vaders game.

Download Rocky's 3D Bead Brains Game

Number of downloads: 1003

The Rabbit Adventure Game

A short text based adventure game. Works out of the box with any screen reader.I always wanted a white rabbit called Monty, who could read poetry. It comes as a single file and the game is self explanatory as it runs.

Download the Rabbit Adventure Game

Number of downloads: 990

Rocky's Big Pig Game

This is my take on the dice game known as pig. Being text based, it works out of the box with any screen reader. It has 5 computer opponents, each having differing playing styles. Come and meet Private Parts, corporal Punishment, Major Disaster, General Dogsbody and Marshal Arts. Beware Marshal Arts seems to hit anything he wishes. It comes as a single file and the game takes you through the instructions as you play.

Download Rocky's Big Pig Game

Number of downloads: 938

Rocky's Game Of Floods

A short text based strategy game. You start with 100 bags of grain and 100 hungry peasants. You need to grow food, prevent floods and guard against bandits. There is a weather forecast to help you plan for droughts, sunny spells, rain or those dreaded floods. The aim of the game is to survive 10 seasons and add to your game score. Works out of the box with any screen reader. An expanded version of this game is planned with audio and graphics. This simple version comes as a single file and takes you through the instructions as you play.

Download Rocky's Game Of Floods

Number of downloads: 1007

To view the on line spacey Vaders scoreboard please visit:

Spacey Vaders Top 50 High Scores

Projects currently in development

After concentrating my efforts on the typing tutor program I am glad to get back to coding games. It is likely that my next release will be a village management game loosely based on my game of floods. Yes, more revolting peasants. Sadly, coding these games always seems to take longer than planned. If only I had twice the time and programs took half as long as expected, rather than the other way round. Smiles. I would most welcome any suggestions of other accessible utilities that you would find useful, or accessible games you would enjoy.

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