Rocky's V.I.-Friendly Software

This is a growing collection of accessible software, designed to be either useful or educational. All are written in python and compiled for windows. The larger programs with sounds and visuals come with a self installer. This is a simple and lightweight installer with absolutely no addware or unwanted toolbars. Simply download and run.

The smaller programs come as a one file executable. After downloading, you can place these in a folder of your choice. Perhaps create a folder called Rocky Waters in your documents folder. You can run the programs from there, or if you want, you can set a short cut to the executable file.

Rocky's Accessible diary 2018

Newly released, this diary is designed to be simple but practical. It is a full 2018 diary, but also has December 2017 and January 2019 dates. Features: Hot keys to navigate next day, next week, or next month. A hotkey to skip to the next date with an entry. Ability to add time slots and appointments. Ability to add reminders. Ability to choose a variety of high contrast solutions. Ability to create different diary files, one for work, one for home and one just for birthday reminders. Has auto detection of todays date. Has auto detection and support for screen readers. The program comes with a self installer and full instructions are available within the program. Version 1.1 has a small date bug fix and is backwards compatible, release date 8 Dec 2017.

Download Rocky's Accessible Diary1.1

Number of downloads: 201

Rocky's Password Manager

Newly released, this program is easier to use and quicker than my older password scrambler. The encryption is just as powerful but all goes on behind the scenes. These days, most folks have many passwords and other confidential information. Remembering them all becomes a hassle and keeping them secure is not easy. Using a pen and paper is not ideal and also not an option for people with a visual impairment. This program is designed to keep your passwords and other important data totally safe, but also easy to get at. Being menu driven the program is easy to use and quick. You can create different files, such as "gamePasswords", "webPageLogins" or "creditCardNumbers". The program features include an optional random password generator and a quick copy password to clipboard ability. Now you can generate strong passwords that you dont have to remember or even type. From now on, your master password is the only thing you have to remember. The program comes with a self installer and full instructions are available within the program. Version 1.3 has some minor bug fixes and is backwards compatible, release date 13 Nov 2017.

Download Rocky's Password Manager V1.3

Number of downloads: 271

The Rocky Planets Program

This program is a model of our solar system. Primarily an educational tool, it is also fun to use. It has low vision graphics, music, and audio output, including an audio description of the working model. The program has screen reader support, with auto detection of an active screen reader. The model is scientifically accurate, in that the sizes of planets, speeds of planets, and distance of orbits are all accurately scaled relative to Earth. As the 4 outer gas planets are much more distant and go slower than the 4 inner rocky planets, there is a zoom out and speed up feature. There is also an orbit tracer to track the motion of each planet. The program comes with much information about geology, atmosphere, temperatures, moons and myths and legends for each planet. The music is the planet suite by Holst. I am hoping you find this program both interesting and informative. The program comes with a self installer and full instructions are available within the program.

Download The Rocky Planets Program

Number of downloads: 747

Rocky's Accessible Colour Mixer

Designed for the low vision user, this utility gives a full screen block of numerous colours. Enjoy mixing lights or mixing up paints. The colours are named along with the primary ingredients. It has both SAPI and screen reader support. It is as much an educational tool as a game. I am hoping it either helps folks see colours, or helps explain colours. The program comes with a self installer and the user can access the instructions at any time.

Download Rocky's Colour Mixer

Number of downloads: 529

Rocky's Password Scrambler Version 2

This program is a console style, but powerful, encryption machine. On the downside this scrambler does not manage your passwords for you. On the upside, its very flexible and can even encrypt whole files. This password scrambler will enable you to encrypt passwords, short phrases or whole files, be it your diary or a copy of your will. You can safely keep these where you like, either on an external hard drive or on your computer. You can then unscramble what you want, when you want. Choose a strong master password and rest assured, your data is safe. This utility comes as a single executable file and takes the user through the instructions as it runs.

Download Rocky's Password ScramblerV2

Number of downloads: 541

Rocky's Text to Speech Recorder

This short utility enables you to capture any text to speech voice and save the output to a wave file for later use. It can be used for saving short messages for games, saving notes to hand out to your students, saving wave files for presentations, or listening to your lecture notes on your daily commute into college. It can convert text from the clipboard, from the keyboard or from a whole text file. If you wish to change the voice simply select whatever SAPI5 voices you have installed in the control panel. The utility comes as a single file executable and the instructions are presented step by step as the program runs. The Quick Recorder is a command line version specifically for developers of games, and is zipped with its own instructions.

Download Rocky's Text to Speech Recorder

Download Rocky's Quick Recorder

Number of downloads: 1061

Projects currently in development

After finishing the accessible diary in time for 2018, I am investingating production of a touch typing tutor. I am hoping to get back to coding games early in the new year. It is likely that my next release will be a village management game loosely based on my game of floods. I would most welcome any suggestions of other accessible utilities that you would find useful, or accessible games you would enjoy.

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